Sunday gelato – Ciccone & Sons

I needed to get out having spent most of the weekend inside marking student papers.  Not just out for a walk, but out on a mission to find some gelato. Somewhere on the internet I’d read  about a small, fairly new gelateria, where the owner was one of the original gelato makers from Bar Italia in Leichhardt.  Back in the late 1990s, crowds, including me, lined up to buy a cone of what I’ve always considered to be the best gelato in Sydney.  Memories of our years of visiting Bar Italia for a cheap and cheeful plate of pasta, followed by a sensational gelato, enticed Stefano to join me on a short drive to Redfern, to sweeten up an otherwise dull weekend.

We’ve unknowingly rushed past Ciccone & Sons gelateria several times driving to and from the airport.  This small, retro-gelateria is tucked away on a stretch of Regent Street, hidden between a flower shop and supermarket.


The hand written sign of the day’s flavours was a promising start.  After chatting to the friendly gal on the front counter, we decided to keep it simple.  A single tub of honeycomb for Stefano and a cone of the highly recommended gianduja for me.  Apparently the gianduja is one of the most popular flavours at Ciccone & Sons, a combination of hazelnut and milk chocolate.  An excellent recommendation.

We need to return for a serious tasting.
And yes, it was as delicious as I remembered from the old days of Bar Italia.

Ciccone & Sons
195 Regent Street
See website for opening hours.  Ciccone & Sons



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